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About Me

Meet Ariel, a delightful 1-year-old mixed breed weighing approximately 30 pounds. Ariel is not just a canine companion; she’s a bundle of affection and joy, ready to bring warmth to any home.

Her amiable nature shines through in her interactions, as Ariel loves engaging with dogs of all kinds, fostering a positive and sociable environment. Her compatibility extends beyond the canine realm—Ariel is equally great with cats and kids, making her a versatile and well-rounded addition to families of all compositions.

Ariel’s modest size and affectionate disposition make her a perfect fit for those seeking a loving companion that effortlessly blends into various social settings. If you’re ready to welcome a furry friend who excels in companionship and adapts seamlessly to diverse environments, Ariel is prepared to be the heartwarming addition to your home.

Want to Adopt me?

The choice to invite a new pet into your home is a significant decision. Our Adoption Application is thoughtfully designed to gather essential information, setting the stage for a meaningful conversation with a volunteer who can guide you towards the perfect pet match. Alongside completing the application, please attend to the following important steps:

1. Ensure your current pets are up-to-date on vaccinations and preventatives before introducing a new pet to the home.
2. If you rent, engage in a conversation with your landlord to understand and comply with pet policies.

Once your application is submitted, our dedicated volunteers will verify your veterinary and landlord references if necessary. Following this, they will reach out to you for a conversation to understand your preferences in a pet and assist you in finding the ideal match.