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About Me

Meet Callie, a vibrant spayed female Cattle Dog mix bursting with energy and charm at around 3 years old. Ready to infuse any home with her unique spirit, Callie is an adventurous companion with a few distinct traits.

While Callie generally gets along well with most dogs, there are certain canine personalities that can trigger her, resulting in a less-than-enthusiastic response. Her energy levels are nothing short of super high, indicating an active and dynamic presence that’s sure to keep any household lively.

Callie’s compatibility with children remains uncertain, as her interactions in that regard are yet to be determined. However, her inclination for a good cat chase is apparent, reflecting a spirited side to her personality. Notably, Callie exhibits a robust herding instinct, a characteristic that could potentially be honed into cattle-working skills with dedicated training over time.


Want to Adopt me?

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