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About Me

Meet Ellie, a resilient female Chihuahua with a tender spirit, aged 2-3 years. Ellie’s journey has been one of overcoming fears, and while it may take her a bit to feel at ease due to her past experiences, she transforms into a devoted companion who adores the comfort of snuggling.

Having emerged from challenging circumstances, Ellie’s bravery shines through, even though she may still be terrified of many things. Her ability to find solace in the warmth of human connection is a testament to her courage and trust.

Ellie’s affection extends not only to her human companions but also to fellow dogs, showcasing her amiable nature. She has even given kids’ fingers some gentle licks, revealing a gentle side that emerges once trust is established.

In spite of her past, Ellie’s small stature makes her much tinier than the average cat, adding a unique and endearing quality to her presence. If you’re ready to provide a patient and understanding home, Ellie is prepared to bring her courage, warmth, and the joy of snuggling into your life, turning each day into a tale of resilience, trust, and newfound happiness.

Want to Adopt me?

The choice to invite a new pet into your home is a significant decision. Our Adoption Application is thoughtfully designed to gather essential information, setting the stage for a meaningful conversation with a volunteer who can guide you towards the perfect pet match. Alongside completing the application, please attend to the following important steps:

1. Ensure your current pets are up-to-date on vaccinations and preventatives before introducing a new pet to the home.
2. If you rent, engage in a conversation with your landlord to understand and comply with pet policies.

Once your application is submitted, our dedicated volunteers will verify your veterinary and landlord references if necessary. Following this, they will reach out to you for a conversation to understand your preferences in a pet and assist you in finding the ideal match.