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About Me

Meet Gertie, an extraordinary pup with a heartwarming tale. Born in a culvert at Wade Hampton High School, her journey began in a critical situation that required swift action to ensure her safety. Gertie and her beautiful Momma had to be trapped when she was just 3-4 days old, making her rescue a truly heartening endeavor. Despite her challenging start, Gertie has blossomed into a fun and funny girl, bringing joy to everyone around her.

As the smallest of the litter, currently weighing 7 pounds (12/3/23), Gertie is expected to reach around 12 pounds, but, as with any guess, time will tell. We believe her Momma is a Chihuahua/beagle/something else mix, boasting a fantastic personality that shines through in Gertie.

This love bug is exceptional in her affectionate nature, adoring other dogs and showing a remarkable level of respect for a larger cat in her current environment. At only 14 weeks old (12/3/23), Gertie hasn’t had the chance to be around kids, but given her loving disposition, she’s bound to bring warmth and joy to any family, big or small.

Are you ready to welcome Gertie into your home, providing her with the love and care she deserves as she continues to grow and thrive?

Want to Adopt me?

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