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Household lessons for you and your new pet

Positive and consistent training, both in attitude and action, is needed so that your new pet will know what is expected of it at any time. If the expectations are unclear for your new pet this may lead to a wide variety of problems, such as unruly behavior, disobedience, and even aggression. Undesired behaviors such as nipping, excessive mouthing, and jumping up should be discouraged by teaching appropriate or acceptable alternate behaviors.


Introduction to Leadership Exercises

As a responsible, loving dog parent, it is important that you recognize and provide for your dog’s basic needs. Just like children, you cannot expect dogs to be seen and not heard ALL the time. Dogs depend on their leaders for basic survival which includes both physical health and mental well-being. Dogs were not intended to be...


Excessive Barking

There are many different reasons why dogs bark. In most cases, the barking is actually a signal that another behavior problem exists and, if that problem is addressed, many times the dog will stop barking on his own. It is extremely important to know why a dog is barking before trying to control it.


Crate Training Your Dog

Properly done, crate training can be an important tool for housebreaking. In addition, it can also make the dog a better and happier companion. Since dogs are den animals, a crate can become a comfortable, safe den for the dog.


Puppy Mouthing/Play Biting

Keep in mind that puppies, like human babies need to explore their environment. However, since puppies do not have hands, they reach out with their mouths. Puppy mouthing can also be a form of social play also. Given that human skin is more fragile than a dog’s fur-covered skin, puppies and dogs must learn that they cannot interact with us the way they interact with their canine counterparts.

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