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About Me

Meet Gladys, the fantastic 2-year-old English Bulldog/Boxer mix, whose lovable nature and affectionate heart make her an irresistible companion. Gladys effortlessly gets along with everyone – dogs, cats, and kids, proving her versatility in various social settings.

However, it’s essential to note that Gladys, while being a bundle of affection, has a playful exuberance that can be challenging on the knees and toes. Her enthusiasm and vigor may require some mindfulness when interacting with her, especially in the context of lower limbs.

Gladys’ endearing qualities and her ability to connect with a diverse range of individuals make her a wonderful addition to a loving home. If you’re ready to welcome a playful and affectionate English Bulldog/Boxer mix into your life, Gladys is prepared to fill your days with joy and companionship—just be ready for her spirited playfulness.

Want to Adopt me?

The choice to invite a new pet into your home is a significant decision. Our Adoption Application is thoughtfully designed to gather essential information, setting the stage for a meaningful conversation with a volunteer who can guide you towards the perfect pet match. Alongside completing the application, please attend to the following important steps:

1. Ensure your current pets are up-to-date on vaccinations and preventatives before introducing a new pet to the home.
2. If you rent, engage in a conversation with your landlord to understand and comply with pet policies.

Once your application is submitted, our dedicated volunteers will verify your veterinary and landlord references if necessary. Following this, they will reach out to you for a conversation to understand your preferences in a pet and assist you in finding the ideal match.