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18-month-old Walker Hound
18-month-old Walker Hound

About Me

Meet Natasha, the 18-month-old Walker Hound who effortlessly exudes charm and grace with every paw step. Natasha is not only good with dogs but also with kids, showcasing her adaptable and friendly nature.

However, it’s crucial to note that Natasha’s interactions with cats should be approached with caution, as her comfort level and behavior in their presence might not be as predictable. While she may excel in socializing with certain companions, understanding and respecting her boundaries around cats will contribute to a harmonious living environment.

Natasha’s charming personality and compatibility with dogs and kids make her an ideal candidate for a loving home seeking a companion with a graceful demeanor. If you’re ready to welcome an 18-month-old Walker Hound into your life, Natasha is prepared to bring her charm, grace, and affectionate spirit to brighten your days.

Want to Adopt me?

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